Please Stop These Dangerous Modifications to E-bikes Immediately!

Please Stop These Dangerous Modifications to E-bikes Immediately!

Whether you have a brand new electric bike or one that you've been riding for years, you'll want to customize them to your liking. However, if you're a beginner or an inexperienced cyclist, you may need to learn which parts are easy to replace. Additionally, you'll need to have a clearer understanding of the hazards and risks of modifying an electric bike, as well as the serious consequences you may face.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is a bike with an electric power assist device that can provide power through a battery or other energy storage device, driving the motor to help the rider get assistance during cycling. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric bicycles can be ridden more easily and quickly because they can use electricity to assist human power. Electric bicycles typically come with additional features and equipment, such as displays, lights, brakes, etc., to enhance their practicality and safety.

The benefits of riding an electric bike

Environmentally friendly and efficient

Electric bicycles can help you ride faster, especially when riding uphill or covering long distances, greatly reducing the time needed for cycling. Compared to other modes of transportation such as cars, electric bicycles are a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way to travel, reducing pollution to the environment.

When an e-bike is in operation, it produces less noise and does not generate as much noise pollution as motorcycles, thereby reducing noise pollution caused by urban traffic.

The electrical energy of an electric bike is mainly derived from its battery, and many batteries now use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to charge, making it possible to charge the bicycle using renewable energy and further improving its environmental performance.

Keeping body more health

Some people may think that it is not exercise because the electric bike is motorized and easier to ride. According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, people who ride electric bikes and those who ride mountain bikes get almost the same amount of exercise, but they do not feel like they have engaged in rigorous exercise. In reality, even with pedal assistance, electric bike riders still have to pedal, which burns calories. This is a good cardiovascular exercise that can help you build endurance and muscles.

Not that much effort to ride

Riders benefit from pedal assist. It helps with hills and rough terrain, making the ride smoother and reducing joint stress. You can also ride with more power and precision than a standard bike. It allows people who cannot ride traditional bikes due to body pain and other issues to enjoy the fun of cycling. In addition, you can ride for long periods without feeling exhausted.

Negative Effects of Illegal Modifications

As electric bikes become more popular, people are also becoming more aware of how fun, efficient, and useful they are. You may accidentally overhear your friends or colleagues discussing their electric bikes and how much they love them. They may also tell you about the changes they have made to their bikes, which is often called "modding" or "refurbishing". However, it is important to remember that only some modifications to electric bikes are safe and legal. Sometimes, modding electric bikes can have terrible consequences, such as the following:

Modifying speed limit

Each country has its own rules to control the speed of electric bikes. For example, the maximum speed limit for electric bicycles in the United States is 20 miles per hour. Bicycle manufacturers have added speed limit devices as required by law. However, more and more individuals are modifying their e-bikes to exceed these limits, making them "illegal motorcycles". In this case, the motor will run at a higher power than usual. You need the battery to supply the high current, which can burn out the wires or damage the battery. In addition, if you cause or are involved in an accident, you could face serious legal fines. Therefore, we do not recommend that you replace the battery or motor yourself.

We do not advocate modifying any settings to increase speed. For example, the HiPeak folding electric bike is designed, manufactured, and tested according to specific quality requirements and operating range. Its maximum speed is 15.5 miles per hour, and it is best not to exceed this speed for your own safety. At the same time, HiPeak has experts to ensure the safety and quality of every bike sent to customers.

The biggest benefit of riding a bike at the factory-set speed is that it performs best in terms of mileage, lifespan, and comfort. If you mod the bike to go faster than the recommended speed, you may reduce the battery's range. This will cause the motor to operate at a higher power than usual and generate a significant current that can damage the battery or burn out the wires.

Modifying battery or motor

When you want to replace parts for your electric bike, you may attempt to modify the battery or motor of your electric bike to change its speed or save money. This can cause serious safety risks. The original charging and discharging system may not be suitable for batteries with a capacity larger than that of the bike's original battery. The battery is easily overheated in this situation, reducing its lifespan and increasing the risk of fire.

Bicycles equipped with multiple batteries and motors may also wear out the gear system, brakes, and tires. These can lead to safety accidents. Therefore, it is not recommended that you replace the battery or motor yourself.

Illegal modification

The issue of illegal modification of electric bicycles refers to the modification or installation of illegal devices on electric bicycles in violation of local laws and regulations, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing speed, power or other performance. This behavior may bring the following risks and problems:

  1. Illegal behavior: Unauthorized or unauthorized modification or installation of equipment is illegal. In some countries or regions, it may be subject to legal sanctions such as fines, confiscation, or even criminal punishment.
  2. Traffic safety: Illegal modification may cause the performance of the electric bicycle to be unstable, the brakes to fail and other safety hazards, increasing the risk of traffic accidents.
  3. Insurance claims: If an accident occurs on an e-bike, illegal modifications may be considered a violation of the terms of the contract and the rider will be held responsible for the loss in the insurance claims process.
  4. Damage to the bike: Illegal modifications may also result in damage to the e-bike's components and electrical circuits, which in turn may affect the normal operation of the entire bike and require more money and time to repair.

Because e-bikes are still a relatively new concept, laws may vary from state to state and country to country. However, one thing remains the same: putting yourself or others in danger can have serious consequences. From a legal standpoint, adapting or modifying an e-bike system can convert your bike from a typical Class 2 e-bike to a moped or motorcycle. However, because e-bikes lack the same power and safety features as motorcycles, you could be at risk of a large fine or serious injury.

If you make modifications, your warranty may be voided

Illegal e-bike modifications are a violation of the law and the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Most e-bike manufacturers include in their warranty provisions that the warranty on modified bikes is void. Therefore, if an e-bike has a problem that needs to be repaired, the manufacturer may not provide warranty service and the rider will have to pay for the repairs themselves.

In addition, if the e-bike is illegally modified, resulting in a breakdown or accident, the insurance company may also deny the claim. Because the modification process violates the terms in the insurance contract and the modified bike may have safety hazards, these may be reasons for the insurance company to refuse to settle the claim. If there is a need for e-bike modification, it should be carried out by professional technicians or repairers, and ensure that the modification process is legal, safe and effective.

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