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Folding Electric Bikes

HiPEAK BONA 750W 48V 15Ah Step-Over Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

$1,499.00 $849.00

HiPEAK ELIAS 750W 48V 15Ah Step-Thru Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

$1,499.00 $849.00

Combo Sale - HiPEAK BONA Step-Over Folding E-bike with an Extra 48V 15Ah Battery

$1,898.00 $1,149.00

Combo Sale - HiPEAK ELIAS Step-Thru Folding E-bike with an Extra 48V 15Ah Battery

$1,898.00 $1,199.00

folding electric bike


15+ Years' Folding Electric Bike Experience

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How to Assemble HiPEAK Folding E-bike

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Test Ride Review HiPEAK ELIAS Folding E-bike

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HiPEAK E-Bike Blog

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Easier to Learn?

January 26th, 2024

Fat tire electric bikes can be easier to learn for certain riders, depending on their experience and specific riding conditions. The following are a few reasons why fat tire electric bikes can be easier to learn: best choice for outdoor riding, better balance and traction, comfortable ride, suitable for all beginners, and some advantages compared to ordinary electric bicycles.

Tips for Folding Electric Bike Commuting for adults

January 24th, 2024

There are some tips for folding electric bike commuting for adults: charging battery fully in advance, wearing a helmet, installing front and rear lights with reflection, wearing conspicuous clothes, using brake flexibly, knowing all the rules and laws for bike riding, keeping bike clean with the fenders, puting personal safety first, and resonably using cellphone holder.

How To Do a Folding E-Bike Ride Safety Check?

January 23th, 2024

Performing a safety check before each ride is essential to ensure the optimal functioning and safety of your folding e-bike. Here are the steps to conduct a folding e-bike ride safety check: checking your tire your tire pressure, checking the rear wheels and drivetrain, checking your brakes, checking crank arms and pedals, checking stem and headphones, and checking your chain.


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