How To Fall Off a Folding E-Bike Without Getting Hurt?

How To Fall Off a Folding E-Bike Without Getting Hurt?

One thing that every bicycle rider has in common, regardless of whether they are a novice or an elite riding in the Tour de France, is that they will crash at some point. On several occasions. In all honesty, rather frequently.

In learning to ride a bike, one of the essential skills to hone is falling off without putting yourself in danger of suffering significant injuries. If you take the time to learn how to fall safely, you may dramatically lower your risk of suffering a severe injury or breaking bones while engaging in recreational e-cycling. This talent must be honed via repeated practice and much planning.

Continue reading for a quick guide on electric bike safety and how to get off your electric bike without suffering any serious injuries:

Never Put Your Hands on The Ground

When you find yourself in a mountain bike accident at a high rate of speed, this may be a complex and demanding thing to perform, but it is necessary and imperative that you do it. Children start using their hands as soon as they can crawl to learn how to fall and get back up after falling. On the other hand, this should not apply if one is thrown off a bicycle. It is in your best interest to avoid the hands since you have a good chance of breaking them. This may result in catastrophic injuries, such as breaking the hands and wrists, elbows, and bones all the upwards from to the collar bone. As we age, our bone density decreases, which means it takes longer for our bones to mend after injury. Serious injuries can be sustained due to the person's total body weight, the muscle mass of the fall, and landing on their hands. The most effective approach to falling while minimizing the likelihood that you would land on your hands is to disperse the force of the impact across a vast surface area, such as the back or the sides of the body.

Tuck, Roll and Relax

The fall is certain in the event of a bicycle accident. You'll inevitably fall to the floor from the impact. You must remember to wear a helmet in those situations, no matter how quickly things move. Even while the helmet you're wearing has built-in safeguards, taking extra precautions is strongly advised. The question is, "How?" To avoid injury to the head and neck, you should keep the chin tucked in and the arms up. You can roll over onto your back or sides if the accident causes you to fall to the side (shoulders, hips, buttocks). Despite the anxiety, if you fall and roll on the ground, try to remain as calm as possible. Keeping one's composure will keep one's body from being excessively stiff, which can lead to injury. If the impact is severe enough to cause a blow to the head, you should seek medical attention and be evaluated for a concussion immediately.

Adverse events often occur in the aggregate. The traffic, the surface, and the weather can all play a role in causing an accident, regardless of your level of riding expertise. Being knocked overtakes a momentary loss of equilibrium. A fall might be caused by anything from an animal darting out into the road to a cyclist who distracts you. That's why it's essential to practice falling and not hurting yourself. While it's understandable to feel anxious in these circumstances, remembering the basics of losing safely is the best way to safeguard your body. Always protect your head by wearing a helmet, falling on your feet rather than your hands, and rolling if there are other riders around. You should never put your E-bike above your safety and well-being.

Eyes Observe Surroundings

If you are going to lose control of your bicycle, you should do your best to select a secure landing area. A concrete road is significantly harsher on the environment than a grassy shoulder. Try to direct your body into a comparatively softer place, and of course, go as far away from traffic as you possibly can. Use your best judgment to do this.

Always Wear A Helmet 

While climbing up on a bike, the first and most crucial thing you need to keep in mind is always to ensure that you are wearing a electric bike helmet. The helmet is not only an add-on to the outfit. It is the item that has the potential to save your life and stop more catastrophic injuries from occurring. There are even laws on the books in some places mandating helmets. As the speed of electric bikes is greater than that of regular bikes, if you were to fall off one, you would be subjected to a greater force. Because of the helmet, the head and the neck are shielded from any severe damage that the impact on the ground may cause.

Put Away the Electric Bike

When riding a bike, whether it be an electric bike or any other kind of bike, you must remember that you always come first. This is an essential life lesson. It is not necessary for you to be concerned about the state of your mountain bike after it has been involved in an accident. You should always put yourself and your health first and safeguard yourself. In the event of an accident and falling, the safest way to complete this task is to abandon the wrecked mountain bike. Always be aware of your surroundings, and don't forget that if you fall or have an accident, you should get off the bike as quickly as possible to protect yourself better.

How To Fall

If you feel that you are about to fall off your electric bike, you should first put something over your head. Keep your chin tucked into your chest, and then use your arms to protect the rest of your head and face. If you struck your head on any hard surface, you should get checked out for a possible concussion as soon as possible.

If you fall on your side, you can land on your back or side by turning your body (shoulder, hip, butt). If you are thrown over the handlebars, curl up into a ball and make an effort to roll over your shoulders.

Before the blow, you should make an effort not to stiffen yourself. Again, this goes against every instinct you have, but the tension in your body makes it far more probable that you will fracture something. A limp and relaxed body is better able to withstand abuse and will make the fall far less painful.


The unfortunate fact is that if you ride your bike with any degree of frequency, you will inevitably experience falling off of it at some point. Because of this, your only option is to study and perfect the skills necessary to complete the task perfectly. If you follow these straightforward recommendations, your chances of suffering significant injuries after a bike accident are significantly reduced. And always keep in mind that getting back on your bike after falling off is the most crucial step in the process. E-bikes are not only enjoyable but also beneficial to the environment and your health in many different ways. 


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