Why should people buy a new electric bike instead of a modified one?

Why should people buy a new electric bike instead of a modified one?

As a practical, economical, and environmentally friendly means of transportation, electric bike for adults are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. However, compared to regular bicycles, electric bicycles usually require a larger investment. Therefore, many people who are interested in fat-tire electric bicycles and have been conducting research may often come across articles or videos discussing how to convert old bicycles into electric bicycles using conversion kits.

This may seem appealing, but in fact, currently, it is definitely a ridiculous approach. Whether it's from a cost, practicality, or safety perspective, purchasing a brand new electric bicycle is a wiser choice than modifying an old bicycle. Here are several reasons for this in terms of the main aspects!


For those who want to modify their old bicycles, they often hear the claim that converting an old bicycle into an electric one is definitely more cost-effective than buying a brand new electric bicycle. This claim is not entirely incorrect, but it is more based on the price surrounding electric bikes when they first entered the market. With technological advancements and a mature market, high-quality folding electric bicycles like HiPEAK BONA have become affordable for the average person.

On the other hand, electric bicycle conversion kits are not cheap, typically ranging from $500 to $900. This may be lower than the price of some high-end electric mountain bikes, but most of the time, people need to bear additional costs apart from the kit itself. For example, if one decides to have a mechanic handle the conversion, there would be an extra cost of $200, which is the fee usually charged by technicians. Furthermore, conversion kits do not come with batteries, which would be another significant expense in people's budget. By the time the entire conversion is completed, individuals may find themselves spending over $1000, which is already equivalent to the price of a brand new folding electric bicycle.

When it comes to spending over $1000, why would someone choose to modify an old bicycle with no guarantees instead of opting for a more valuable brand new HiPEAK BONA electric fat-tire bicycle?


According to a report by New York Times, there have been over 50 electric bike-related fires in New York City alone this year, and one significant cause of these fires is due to incorrect modifications made to electric bicycles by individuals.

Compared to regular bikes, electric bikes are more complex product that cannot be disassembled or assembled by anyone. Simply reading articles or watching videos does not make the process easy. In reality, modifying an electric bicycle requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience in areas such as batteries, motors, cables, and mechanics. Therefore, it makes sense to leave the manufacturing of new electric bicycles to professionals. When high-quality HiPEAK BONA folding electric bicycles assembled by experts are easily available for purchase, why spend time and effort on complex conversions that could potentially endanger the lives of yourself and your family due to the risk of fires?

Manufacturing process

During the process of converting a traditional bicycle into an electric one, there may be several issues with conversion kits, including weight distribution and increasing average speed. It's important to remember that the frame of a traditional bike is not designed to bear the additional weight of components like motors and batteries, and they often struggle to support the high speeds of fat tire electric bikes. Forcing a conversion can put greater stress on fragile components such as the front fork, frame, brakes, and wheels, making your ride very challenging and dangerous.

In contrast, each HiPEAK BONA folding electric bicycle is specifically manufactured from scratch, with everything from the frame to the drive system meticulously crafted with power, performance, and reliability in mind. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum material, known for its durability, lightweight characteristics, and strength. Additionally, it integrates a 750W motor and a 48V 15AH battery perfectly, allowing individuals to ride safely and swiftly anytime, anywhere.

After-sales service

If individuals attempt to modify their bicycles using electric conversion kits and encounter problems, they are likely to find that there is no one to turn to for help. Almost any bicycle brand will not provide after-sales support for quality issues resulting from unauthorized modifications, including self-conversions. In contrast, when individuals purchase a brand new folding e-bike from HiPEAK, they can enjoy the industry-leading after-sales service that HiPEAK has been proud of for years. Each HiPEAK electric folding bike comes with a 1-year warranty, and if there are any questions or concerns about the purchased electric bicycle, a simple phone call to 24-hour customer service will provide users with all the necessary information and support.


Electric bikes are significantly different from traditional bikes, and the risks associated with converting a bike into an electric one are enormous. In the event of an accident, the consequences can be unbearable for anyone involved. The best electric bikes are always designed as such from the beginning, rather than being modified. Furthermore, due to technological advancements, the cost of new folding electric bikes has significantly decreased. A brand new HiPeak fat tire electric bike is available for just $1299, and you can even enjoy a discount of up to $350, making it even more affordable than some modified bicycles!

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