Why is Your Folding E-Bike Making a Rattling Noise? Here is the Solution

Why is Your Folding E-Bike Making a Rattling Noise? Here is the Solution

A light and compact folding electric scooter will play a huge role in ordinary urban commuting. In some short-distance commutes, regardless of the weather, the experience of electric vehicles can simply "kill" other means of transportation. Of course, while electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, they will also face some problems.

Nothing lasts forever, and it's no surprise that parts on a folding electric scooter will wear out or even break down over time. Squeaking noises from your bike are a signal that something may be wrong, and the sooner you can find the source of the problem, the sooner you can fix it and hopefully prevent it from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Some of this noise can be made when the drivetrain is running, I mean when you pedal. But those noises can persist when you're not pedaling.

Squeaks can come from many parts of your bike, so finding its source is the key to telling you how to fix it. Once you've identified the source, find a suitable fix below.

Elimination of abnormal brake noise

The sound caused by disc brakes is very common. Because the precision of the accessories is not very good, and the factories are all assembly line operations, many new wheels are not very easy to spin, and the resistance is relatively large. The friction between the disc brake pads and the disc makes annoying noises, and generally this kind of problem, the salesperson likes to say that it will be fine after a while, a small problem. During this period, you have to live with the sound.

First, make sure your wheels are properly seated on the hitch, which is where the axle holds the wheel to the frame of the folding bike. If it's not seated properly, it will go out of line and will rub against one of the brake pads. Loosen the wheel, fit it snugly over the fork, and tighten the quick release clip.

If that doesn't fix the problem, next check that you have the correct wheels. To do this, either place it on a bike rack or have someone help you lift the squeaky wheel off the floor. This allows you to spin the wheel freely and watch it for any wobble. If so, then watch your bike's brakes to see if the wobble contacts the brake pads. If it is, take your wheels to your local bike shop and they will straighten them for you.

When people want to commute to work quickly, the front and rear disc brake systems of HiPeak BONA and ELIAS are also escorting them, which is one of the important reasons why HiPeak's folding bikes are popular.

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Exclude the abnormal sound of the shift cable

If your gears are making a constant clicking noise, especially a particular gear, then your shifting gear may be stretched. This can pull the derailleur out of alignment and cause the chain to spin between gears or rub against the derailleur cover. If this fits your description of the noise, then take it to your local cycling pro who can check and readjust your derailleur. If the cable is stretched too much, they may need to replace the cable.

Elimination of pedal abnormal noise

Why is my bike squeaking when pedaling is one of the most common questions we get asked about bike noise, and the answer may be the pedals themselves. Just remove your pedals and oil them so they are well lubricated. While doing this, also make sure the gasket between the pedal and crank arm is in good condition. If not, replace the gasket before reinstalling the pedal.

Elimination of abnormal noise in the transmission system

The most troublesome and common abnormal sound mostly comes from the transmission system, such as the chain and transmission system, as long as there is a little friction, there will be sound. The most common situation is that the shifting cable is loose after a long time. Just adjust and tighten the shifting cable, then reinstall and adjust it to solve the problem. However, unless you are very familiar with the adjustment method, it is recommended to send it to a folding electric bicycle shop.

The chain is too dry, too dirty, and prone to rattle. In addition, the chain needs to be replaced every 3000 miles, and the flywheel is replaced every 6000 miles. However, it is possible that the rider has not replaced the chain for a long time, resulting in more serious wear of the flywheel. When the chain is replaced, there may be a tooth skipping situation. The way to improve is to replace the flywheel and chain in a timely manner.

Elimination of abnormal noise from the seat

Your saddle is attached to a clamp by two rails, and a squeaking sound indicates that the saddle clamp needs to be tightened. Simply use the appropriate size hex wrench to tighten the bolts that attach the saddle to the saddle clamp. If it's creaking and leaning back and forth, then take it to your local e-bike shop as it's probably broken or defective and needs to be replaced.

Exclude the abnormal sound of the folding buckle of the frame

Generally, after 2000miles to 3000 miles of tossing, the folding electric bike has some slight abnormal noises. After repeated investigations, it is confirmed that it is the cause of the folding buckle. So I tightened the screws under the folding buckle and greased it at the same time, and the abnormal sound disappeared immediately. Therefore, we think that after riding for a period of time, the folding buckle may become loose due to wear and tear, and it needs to be maintained and oiled after a period of time.

Abnormal sound from the handlebar

When riding, you feel abnormal sounds near the handlebars. Try to let go and leave the handlebars to see. Most of the sounds are when you push hard uphill. The most common ones are the stems and handles, and the stems and bead bowls. Brake the front wheel and shake it. If the bead bowl makes a sound, it may be worn or there is a gap. Oil it up and lock it and try again.

Elimination of abnormal noise of bikeaccessories

The accessories installed on the frame of the folding bike may be the source of the abnormal sound. Of course, the more accessories are installed on the bike, the more likely there will be abnormal noise. As long as the accessories that need to be locked, they may shake because they are not locked, such as seat bags, bike lights, etc., and other stickers such as spokes and various parts will flutter and make noise when the speed is high and the wind is strong. Therefore, the more accessories there are, the more likely it is to make various sounds. When looking for abnormal noises, you can also remove the accessories to identify the source of the abnormal sounds.

If you don't feel comfortable making repairs yourself, or you still can't find the source of the sound, your best bet is to take your folding e-bike to a local electric bike technician and have them look at why your bike is making the noise.

To better avoid problems, it is always best to take precautions before they happen. Before we buy an electric bike, it's time to do the seller research. HiPeak is a well-known manufacturer and retailer of folding electric bicycles with an emphasis on performance and quality. Visit their website to learn more about who they are and the foldable electric bikes they offer that can have a positive and profound impact on your riding experience and your wallet.

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