What Should We Know About Folding Ebikes Before Buying?

What Should We Know About Folding Ebikes Before Buying?

If you’re thinking about investing in a lightweight folding ebike, this article will come in handy

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If you thought ebikes were the peak of bike technology and couldn’t get any more sophisticated, lightweight folding ebikes are here to make a statement.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a regular ebike plus having the possibility of folding it and taking it anywhere you want to go as well as neatly storing it in your home.

But before you run to your local bike store or start browsing for the best ebikes models on the market, there are a few things you need to know about lightweight folding ebikes.

In this post, we share the most important aspects you should consider about ebikes to make your investment the best one you’ve ever made.

Understanding Folding Ebikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as time passes by, and this has to do with their enhanced composition and technology that makes ebikes an ideal choice for all users.

The term folding e-bikes might sound odd, but they are perfect for storing your bike anywhere in the house as well as putting it in the car without occupying much space.

Unlike what many people might think. lightweight folding ebikes are specially designed to be folded, therefore they are not going to brake or decrease their performance. Apart from this, it is important to highlight that folding ebikes are designed like regular bikes, with one or two improvements (more like many of them).

Lightweight folding ebikes are very easy to carry since they are not as heavy as they may seem. What’s more, most folding ebikes are adjustable, meaning that when you’re ready to use them you can customize the height of the seat and have a comfortable ride.

Buying an ebike is a wise investment, and can grant you many benefits like exercising with ease, reducing your car usage, connecting with yourself, enjoying some peaceful time, and more.

Specifications Of Lightweight Folding Ebikes

Lightweight folding ebikes are truly revolutionary, and if you’re thinking about buying an ebike there are a few specifications we recommend you have in mind.

To begin, let’s talk about the gears, assist levels, and battery life of an ebike. The main difference between a normal bike and an electric one has to do with the technology the latter uses. Folding ebikes have a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system as well as a 7-level pedal assist with a 12-magnet cadence sensor.

Pedal assistance is one of the greatest things about buying an ebike since they enhance pedaling and can help you ride faster and on off-road terrains without putting in much effort. In essence, level 0 means no assistance, level 1 is the lowest, and 7 is the highest. Depending on where you’re cycling you may want to increase or decrease your assistance level.

It is worth mentioning that the higher the assistance level you’re using, the faster the battery will be drained, therefore will reduce your mileage between chagrin cycles (this means when you fully charge your bike).

As for the battery life, a lightweight folding e-bike can last up to 80 miles per charge. And once the battery is at half charge it is recommended that you plug it in. Another excellent thing about buying an ebike is that you can quickly charge your bike overnight or while you’re at work or doing something at home since they do not require many hours to be ready.

Where to Ride A Folding Ebike?

Electric bikes can be classified into 3 groups that depend on their composition and estimated speed achieved.

Class 1 includes bikes that are pedal-assisted, only use the motor when they pedal, and can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph. Class 2 ebikes are those that use pedal assistance and the throttle, and they reach a speed of 20 mph. Finally, class 3 includes electric bikes that use solely pedal assistance and can reach 28 mph on average.

This is important to know since depending on which lightweight folding ebike you get you might need to check your state/country’s laws to ensure you can ride your bike in specific places.

In general, folding ebikes can be ridden off the road and on roadways but might be limited to certain areas like bike lanes. Check your local regulations just in case.

Warranties And Customer Service

Warranties and customer service are two additional things you should pay attention to before buying an ebike.

If you have even the smallest issue, you’d want a friendly person to talk to come up with a solution. Further, if the bike wasn’t what you expected or breaks after two days, it is crucial to have a company that can solve this.

When searching for a lightweight folding ebike, make sure the company provides 2 types of warranty. The first one is your return warranty which typically lasts 7-15 days, and is for users who were not happy with their purchase and want their money back.

The second warranty is your long-run warranty, which covers specific damages your bike might suffer. It should last 1-2 years, and we recommend you read the manufacturer’s warranty in detail to avoid misunderstandings.


A factor that drives many people to choose electric bikes over cars and motorcycles has to do with the ebike’s eco-friendly power.

Since they are powered by a battery and a motor, there’s no need to pollute the environment with toxic gases that contribute to a bigger carbon footprint. Electric bikes are eco-friendly and present an opportunity to discover new places without damaging the planet.

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