What Are the Common Pitfalls When Buying an Electric Bike?

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Electric bicycles have become a popular mode of transportation in today's market. However, there are also many pitfalls that make it challenging for consumers to make the right purchasing decisions. When buying an electric bicycle, consumers must be vigilant about traps and protect their own interests as much as possible. The following article will introduce some common pitfalls when buying electric bicycles in the hope of being helpful to everyone.

Counterfeit electric bike on the market

Counterfeit electric bicycles found online often use low-quality components and assembly processes to lower costs and maximize profits. These e-bikes may appear very similar to branded products, but they have many issues in reality.

Firstly, the battery quality of counterfeit electric bicycles is often poor, with common problems such as insufficient capacity, long charging times, and short lifespan. Secondly, due to the use of inferior components and manufacturing processes, counterfeit electric bicycles are prone to failure and even pose safety hazards. Additionally, they lack reliable after-sales service, making it difficult to resolve issues promptly.

Many counterfeit electric bicycles often employ false advertising to exaggerate product performance and features in order to attract customers. These promotional claims are often misleading and deceptive.

Deceptive social media advertisement

Some deceptive designs in the media advertisements of electric bicycles may exaggerate the performance and features of the products to attract customers, but actually they may not meet the needs of customers. These advertisements often employ the following tactics:

  • False performance parameters: Advertisements often tend exaggerate the electric bike’s range, speed, and other performance parameters, but these data usually based on test results under ideal conditions and may not reflect real-world usage.
  • Beautifying the appearance: Advertisements often enhance the appearance of electric bikes to make them look more high-end, but the internal components may not be as high-quality as advertised.
  • Concealing defects: Advertisements often fail to mention the flaws or shortcomings of electric bike, leaving customers unaware of the true situation and potentially making incorrect purchasing decisions.
  • Misleading customers: Advertisements may deliberately mislead customers, making them believe that certain features are included or do not require additional expenses, when in reality, these features may require extra purchases or upgrades.

When purchasing an electric bike, consumers should remain vigilant and not easily trust the exaggerated claims in advertisements. It is advisable to gather information from multiple sources, choose reputable brands, and carefully read the product manuals to understand the actual performance and features.

Hidden fraudulent websites

For new electric bike shoppers, fraudulent websites are the most challenging things when they shopping online. Experienced shoppers know to look for product specifications such as motor size, battery voltage (power), ampere-hours (range), torque sensors, and other premium features. If you can't find the specifications of an electric bicycle anywhere on their website, it is advisable to immediately turn to another brand to avoid being scammed. Additionally, be cautious of websites that offer specifications and prices that don't match, as they are likely to be fraudulent.

For example, if you are looking for an electric folding bike like the Hipeak with a large battery and a 750W motor, such models would typically cost over $1000. If you come across an electric bicycle with a 52V battery and a 750W motor, but it is priced at only $500, it is definitely a scam trap.

Some new electric bike companies are not reliable

  1. Lacking experience: New companies lack relevant experience and technical expertise, making it difficult for them to address customer feedback, particularly in areas such as component procurement, production processes, and after-sales service.
  2. Shortage of funds: New electric bicycle companies often face a shortage of funds, making it hard to invest in the development of after-sales service and repair systems.
  3. Lacking talent: New companies may struggle to attract experienced after-sales service teams or provide sufficient training and support. This can result in compromised quality of after-sales service and an inability to meet customer needs.
  4. Business strategy issues: Some new companies may prioritize sales performance and profit over the importance of after-sales service. They may resort to cost-cutting measures and reducing after-sales service time to increase profitability, which is not favourable for customers.

Therefore, when purchasing electric bikes, customers should opt for brands and retailers with experience, good reputation and well-established after-sales service systems. It is important to carefully understand after-sales service policies to avoid unnecessary financial losses and time wastage due to after-sales issues.

After-sales service plays a vital role in the process of purchasing an electric bike, and excellent after-sales service can create extra value. As a well-known folding electric bike manufacturer, HiPeak has 14 years of technical expertise and provide 24h online customer service to address my concerns. A more comprehensive and mature after-sales process can help customers effectively resolve most issues and save time and energy.


Folding electric bicycles are designed to provide a portable transportation option. When deciding which electric bicycle to buy, you must consider all aspects, including safety, convenience, and comfort. E-bikes are a significant investment as the materials and components required to manufacture them are costly, so careful consideration is needed when making a purchase. Highe quality electric bikes typically come with a higher price tag. This is not only due to the quality and durability of the product but also the quality of service and overall customer experience. If you intend to buy an electric bicycle, choosing one with high-quality components will help you start your journey more safely and comfortably. Don't be misled by low prices; instead, invest more time and effort in determining which one offers better value.

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