The Best E-bike Routes to Ride in Summer

ride e-bike in summer

If you want to ride your e-bike on trails, one of the most difficult problems you'll face is figuring out whether or not e-bikes are permitted on the trails in the first place. But there's no need to be concerned about that because the folks at Hipeak have already done the study and analyzed it for you. We have created a list of routes located within the United States that are certified for use by e-bikes, making them ideal places to visit for a summer vacation this year. There is really no experience that can compare to the rush you get when you get yourself ready, put on some protective gear like a helmet and gloves, and head out onto a route that has either an amazing flow or a heart-pounding drop. 

Now is the perfect time to arrange one more excursion, since the summer season is coming. Today we are going to present you with top-rated electric bike routes from all around the United States. There is little doubt that there is a path that will pique your attention and possibly even become a part of your trip plans for this summer or the following year as a result of the availability of options that appeal to a variety of preferences and skill levels.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, California

Our top pick is the famed Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, which is located amidst the stunning hills of California. This park is located in Mammoth Lakes, California, which is in Mono County and is close to Yosemite. It has approximately 80 miles of well-kept downhill tracks. The fact that Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is e-bike friendly makes it even better and makes it the perfect vacation spot for fans of e-mountain biking. The paths in this park are prominently signposted with the skill level needed, making sure that riders know exactly what to anticipate.

This park's lack of concerns about sharing paths with hikers or dirt bikers is one of its greatest advantages, making it especially enticing to individuals who are new to e-mountain biking. Remember that you need a specific pass in order to use the chairlifts. However, all you'll need is your own mode of transportation if you just want to wander about the area, which extends between Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes Village. It's important to note that only Class 1 e-bikes are now allowed, and helmets are required. The Velocity to Twilight course is a thrilling experience that the more experienced riders should try out; it will leave you feeling extremely happy with your trip to Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.

North Pathway, Wyoming

The North Pathway, which is located in Teton County, Wyoming, is another interesting path on our list. From Mercill Avenue and US 89 downtown Jackson, as well as the Jenny Lake Visitor Center in Grand Teton National Park, you may reach this 20-mile path. Awe-inspiring views of the spectacular Teton Mountains, which rise abruptly from the rough landscape, await you as you travel down the North Pathway. The actual trail is paved and runs alongside Highway 89, making for a fun and safe riding experience.

In this lovely area, you'll have the chance to see a variety of wildlife throughout the year, so be ready for natural encounters. Numerous tourist facilities and educational opportunities can be found along the North Pathway, allowing you to learn more about the unique ecology and geology of this unspoiled environment. For instance, the Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, which is downtown Jackson at 532 N. Cache Street, is a fantastic place to learn more. Additionally, you'll be happy to know that the Jackson Hole Community Pathway System offers an extra 27 miles of picturesque riding to explore if the 20-mile track through the Jackson Valley doesn't satisfy your appetite.

Eastern Trail, Maine

The Eastern path in Kittery, Maine, is our third suggested path and is a wonderful compliment to our earlier suggestions. This path connects Kittery to Portland and spans 65 miles of lush vegetation and exhilarating fresh air. It is mostly made on paved surfaces with some compact dirt sections. The Eastern Trail is a great option for beginners or families seeking for a leisurely ride because, despite its length, it is not particularly difficult or dangerous. The majority of the trail's portions are 10 feet wide, giving riders and joggers plenty of room to engage. To ensure everyone's safety, it's crucial to remember that e-bike under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. Always make sure you are aware of and abide by any state or municipal laws governing the safe and appropriate use of electric bicycles.

It's important to follow proper trail etiquette because walkers and runners frequently use the Eastern Trail. If someone is unaware of your approach, make cautious to signal your presence before passing them and do so on the left. Plan your trip for the fall for a memorable experience as the lush green leaves change into a stunning tapestry of rich autumnal colors. This gives you plenty of time to plan your electric bike trip along Maine's intriguing Eastern Trail. Wearing bright orange clothing is advised if you decide to explore this trail in the fall because it can overlap with local hunting season. Prioritize your safety and the safety of others while remaining visible and taking in the beauty of the Eastern Trail's natural surroundings.

Hudson River Greenway, New York

The Hudson River Greenway is located in the bustling cityscape of New York, where we complete our list of suggested electric bicycle cycling routes. This trail may not be tucked away in the forest, but it nevertheless delivers a picturesque experience that is engaging. The Hudson River Greenway, which is aptly named for the mesmerizing vistas of the Hudson River it affords, provides visitors with a lovely setting covered with lush trees, welcoming park benches, busy boat piers, and plenty of possibilities for people-watching.

This track is especially suitable for electric bike exploration because of its length. Even as you walk down the trail, cross under bridges, wander past badminton courts, and picnic areas, you can still see the famous skyline of New York City. Even a lighthouse hidden beneath a bridge can be found if you need a break, giving you a chance to stop and take in the scenery. It's important to note that New York permits e-bikes on this track with a top speed of 25 mph, ensuring an exhilarating but secure riding experience. So get ready, get on your e-bike, and get ready to experience the Hudson River Greenway's dramatic beauty.


We've put up a list of the best possibilities around the US if you're seeking for the best electric bike routes to ride this summer. Hipeak has conducted the necessary investigation to confirm that these routes are approved for e-bike use, allaying any worries regarding trail permissions. There is a trail to suit your interests and skill level, whether you're an expert rider searching for an adrenaline rush or a beginner looking for a calm ride. You can make the most of these e-bike paths and generate priceless summertime memories by taking the right safety precautions and adhering to trail etiquette. So this summer, get on your reliable e-bike (you can choose Hipeak folding e-bikes, which are the best electric bike for trips), grab your helmet and gloves, and go on an amazing journey.

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