Preparing for the economic recession with electric bikes

Preparing for the economic recession with electric bikes

With the increasing instability and uncertainty in the global economy, many are seeking for effective economic countermeasures. In such circumstances, electric bikes have become a highly regarded choice.

Compared to cars, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation, electric bikes are more economically viable. They have lower costs, lower operational expenses, and can meet most daily commuting needs. Additionally, electric bikes are help for reducing traffic jams and environmental pollution, thereby improving the quality of life.

Therefore, utilizing electric bikes as a means of transportation during an economic recession is a highly practical strategy. We can better grapple with economic crisis through saving expenses and reducing costs.

Avoiding high oil price

Due to the persistent high gasoline prices, it is estimated that the average American will spend $4,000 on gasoline this year. In contrast, the charging cost of electric bicycles is astonishingly low, estimated at around $30 per person per year. Not only are you saving thousands of dollars at the gas station, but you are also contributing to reducing global dependence on oil and lowering carbon emissions. The shift towards alternative transportation options and lifestyle changes is quickly becoming an economic necessity for American consumers, and electric bicycles offer a way to avoid carbon emissions while saving expenses!

Furthermore, electric bicycles offer flexibility and convenience. They can easily maneuver through urban traffic congestion and allow for faster arrival at destinations. They can also be combined with public transportation for more convenient long-distance travel. Electric bicycles effectively address the issue of high fuel prices, providing people with more choices for transportation.

No more parking fees or insurance

Parking fees and car insurance add up to a significant amount for American drivers each year. In urban areas, riding an electric bike can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in parking fees.

In addition, according to data from, the average insurance cost per car in the United States is around $1,770. So, if you're preparing for an economic recession and are willing to sell one of your cars, you could save thousands of dollars each year! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, used car prices have already risen by 40.5% from January 2021 to January 2022. If it's not feasible for a multi-driver household to go completely car-free, consider replacing one of the cars with an electric bicycle.

Compared to vehicles, electric bikes have slower speeds and lower noise levels, making them safer for on the road. Additionally, not needing to purchase insurance means you won’t face the risk of high compensation amounts due to traffic accidents.

The benefits of electric bicycles, such as cost savings, simplified procedures, reduced risks, and promoting environmental friendliness, come from not having to pay parking fees and insurance costs.

Saving on gym membership fees

Using an electric bike as a daily commuting tool not only serves the purpose of transportation but also provides the benefits of exercise. Therefore, it can be said that having an electric bike eliminates the need for a gym membership.

Riding an electric bike can enhance cardiovascular fitness and endurance. While electric bike is equipped with electric assist system, people still need to exert effort to operate it by leg muscles. The electric power merely provides assistance, and riders still exert significant sweat and physical effort. This type of exercise has excellent effects on improving physical fitness, increasing endurance, and enhancing cardiovascular function.

Furthermore, riding an electric bike also has shaping effects. Riding can effectively consumes excess body fat, especially in the lower body, leading to desirable slimming results.

Due to the convenience of electric bicycle, people can use them for daily activities such as shopping or commuting to work, allowing them to engage in regular exercise on a daily basis.

Less maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of an electric bike just a small friction of the maintenance cost of a car. On average, replacing brake pads, inner tubes, and repairing components of an electric bicycle costs around $200 per year. In comparison, according to the American Automobile Association, maintaining a car costs approximately $1,200 per year. Therefore, when you switch to an electric bicycle, you can save at least $1,000 annually!

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As more and more Americans turn to environmentally friendly modes of transportation and seek cost savings in the process, states and cities are increasing their efforts to provide tax incentives and rebates for electric bikes, helping consumers saving more money when purchasing new electric bikes.

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