Meet The Firm Revolutionising Folding Electric Bike Charging

Meet The Firm Revolutionising Folding Electric Bike Charging

In metropolitan areas, folding electric bikes are becoming more and more common as a practical and environmentally responsible means of transportation. They are the perfect option for short-distance commutes, navigating congested streets, and effortlessly integrating with public transportation networks thanks to their compact design and electric power support. The short operating distance and frequent recharge requirements of these bikes, however, have been a recurring problem. That's where Hipeak, a trailblazing company in the electric bike sector, is changing the rules of the game.

Powerhouse 48V 15Ah Lithium Battery Unveiling

The extraordinary 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery that comes standard on HiPEAK's folding e-bikes sets it apart from the vast majority of other e-bike companies, which use batteries rated at either 12 or 14 amp hours. This larger capacity not only translates to improved performance, but it also greatly raises the possible mileage that can be covered by the electric bicycles.

Longer Journeys

Riders are now able to enjoy an entirely new level of independence as a direct result of the astonishing capabilities of the 48V 15Ah battery that is offered by HiPEAK. The exceptional range of up to 35–60 miles on a single charge is made possible by the large battery capacity, which enables fans of electric bikes to go on longer travels with complete assurance.

The stressful moments spent keeping an eye on the battery indicator are a thing of the past for riders of HiPEAK eBikes, which free them to venture to uncharted territories without concern that they may run out of juice. The increased range guarantees rides that are smooth and interruption-free, offering up a world of possibilities for riders who want to push the boundaries of their riding experiences. Whether it's a trip through the picturesque countryside or a daily commute through the hectic metropolis, the extended range provides rides that are smooth and uninterrupted.

E-bike Models: BONA and ELIAS

BONA and ELIAS are two great e-bike models that HiPEAK is happy to showcase. They are equipped with the same cutting-edge Lithium-ion battery, which not only provides unmatched performance but also makes for an exhilarating ride experience. These models were designed to meet the needs and preferences of a wide variety of customers. 

HiPEAK's BONA and ELIAS models combine cutting-edge technology with excellent workmanship to reinvent what is possible in the realm of electric cycling. Whether you're looking for a sleek and versatile urban commuter or an adventurous off-road companion, one of these models is sure to meet your needs. With these remarkable electric bicycles from HiPEAK, you can take your riding to the next level and get excited about the future of transportation all at the same time.

Charging Made Simple

This concept applies to the method through which batteries are charged at HiPEAK, as we believe that efficiency and sustainability should go hand in hand. HiPEAK has developed the charging mechanism so that it may be integrated unobtrusively into the riders' busy schedules because the company has a deep grasp of the riders' busy schedules. It only takes between five and seven hours to fully charge the 48V 15Ah battery, which is made possible by recent technological advancements. This astonishingly quick charging time ensures little downtime, which enables riders to immediately get back on the road and enjoy their electric bike to the fullest to the greatest extent possible. 

HiPEAK enables riders to simply embrace a sustainable and environmentally responsible form of transportation by reducing the amount of time spent waiting and increasing the amount of time spent riding, all while making the charging experience as straightforward and hassle-free as is humanly feasible.

Power-Packed and Lightweight Battery Design

Not only does the battery produced by HiPEAK give remarkable power and performance, but it also has an exceptionally lightweight design. This high-capacity battery weighs in at just 9.04 pounds (4 kilograms), making it the ideal combination of portability and energy storage capability. Because of its compact size, riders are able to effortlessly detach, recharge, and reattach the battery, which significantly improves both convenience and ease of usage. 

The HiPEAK battery's lightweight design guarantees hassle-free handling and smooth integration with the electric bike, regardless of whether it is being used for charging at home, in the workplace, or while the rider is on the move. The combination of an exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly design with a battery that packs a lot of power enables riders to boldly embrace the freedom of mobility without having to make any sacrifices.


HiPEAK establishes a brand-new benchmark for performance and range with the astonishing 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery that they have developed. Because to the increased battery capacity, riders may now take advantage of longer rides. As a result of the fact that e-bikes provide riders with journeys that are not interrupted by the need to recharge the battery, riders are given the ability to venture into uncharted regions. The battery's lightweight design further enhances its convenience by allowing riders to easily detach, recharge, and reattach the battery. 

Because of HiPEAK's emphasis on both efficiency and sustainability, riders will need to incorporate charging into their already hectic schedules. Riders now have the opportunity to embrace a means of transportation that is sustainable and responsible to the environment thanks to HiPEAK, all without sacrificing convenience or performance. HiPEAK is the driving force behind the future of foldable electric bike charging, which has already here.

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