How to Properly Clean and Lubricate a Electric Bike Chain

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Every ebike needs a chain, and keeping it clean and lubricated is critical for the longevity and best performance of the drivetrain, which includes all the cogs and gears. As well as typical questions about lubricating a traditional bike chain, we also get requests regarding the right ways to clean and lubricate an electric bike chain.

Before beginning the cleaning and lubrication procedure, it is essential to comprehend the significance of this maintenance work. You can lessen friction, stop excessive wear and tear, ensure smooth shifting and effective power transfer on your ebike by maintaining the chain clean and well-lubricated.

We have put together some excellent advice to help you with this process and make cleaning your e-bike's chain and gears quick, simple, and hassle-free. You can use these suggestions to get the best outcomes with the least amount of work. As soon as you are comfortable with these recommendations, we'll go over the best way to clean and lubricate your e-bike chain so it will last for years to come.

Why Sholud Your E-Bike Chain be Cleaned and Lubricated?

Your e-bike chain has to be cleaned and lubricated for a number of reasons. First off, a clean, well-lubricated chain has a substantially longer lifespan than an unclean, poorly lubricated one. By clearing the chain of dirt, filth, and debris, you avoid needless wear and strain and guarantee that the chain stays in top condition for a longer period of time. Additionally, by keeping the chain well-maintained, you may extend the life of other parts that come into contact with it, including the cogs and gears, which can eventually save you money on future repairs or replacements.

A clean chain has economical advantages as well as making for a quieter and smoother ride. Excessive noise produced by dirty chains can be annoying and disturb the cycling experience as a whole. Maintaining a clean chain makes for a smoother ride by lowering friction and eliminating unpleasant noises. The smooth gear changes made possible by a properly greased chain also avoid the clunky and painful shifting that can happen when the chain is dry or contaminated.

In conclusion, regular cleaning and lubricating of your ebike chain not only protects the longevity of other drivetrain components and increases its lifespan, but it also makes riding more enjoyable by making it run more smoothly and quietly.

How Often Should my E-Bike Chain be Cleaned?

Several elements, including your riding circumstances and preferences, determine how frequently you should clean the chain on your e-bike. As a general rule, it is advised to give the chain a short clean to get rid of surface-level debris and dust after each ride. To accomplish this, just clean the chain of any visible debris using a clean cloth or a gentle brush.

A more extensive deep cleaning of the chain should be performed every 10 rides in addition to the routine fast cleaning. To get rid of accumulated dirt, filth, and grease that could seep into the chain's crevices and impair its function, a deeper cleaning is required. You may ensure a more streamlined operation and increase the chain's lifespan by getting rid of these pollutants.

Cleaning your ebike chain more frequently is advised if you frequently ride in muddy and damp circumstances. Environments that are wet or muddy can hasten the accumulation of dirt and debris, raising the possibility of early wear and corrosion. To retain the best chain performance and avoid any damage in these circumstances, it could be important to undertake a deep clean after each few rides.

In the end, it's important to establish a balance between routine cleaning and your particular riding circumstances. You may lengthen the life of your e-bike, maintain its functionality, and have a smoother ride by routinely cleaning the chain.

A Rapid Clean

You can begin by performing a quick clean on an e-bike chain using the strategy shown below:

(Clean, dry clothes as well as degreaser spray are necessary tools.)


  1. Degreaser should be evenly sprayed onto a clean cloth, making sure it is not wet.
  2. Lightly grip the chain as you encircle it with the damp towel. Backward-pedaling the electric bicycle steadily requires the use of your other hand. As a result, the chain's outside surfaces are completely in contact with the cloth.
  3. Once all the exterior surfaces, including the top, bottom, and sides, are clean and dirt-free, pedal backward while holding the cloth firmly against the chain.
  4. Spray some degreaser on a clean piece of the cloth as the dirty part of the cloth gets dirty to keep the cloth working as intended.
  5. Apply a clean, dry cloth to the chain to polish it once it appears to be clean. To achieve even polishing, wrap the chain in the towel and rub it back and forth along the full length of the chain.
  6. Following chain cleaning, it's crucial to lubricate the chain. You can do this by following the guidelines provided below.

In order to get the chain ready for lubrication and ensure smoother performance, this quick clean technique helps remove surface dirt and debris from it.

A Chain Cleaning Tool for a Deep Clean

You can use a chain cleaning tool, though it is not required and manual cleaning techniques can also be successful, to thoroughly deep clean your e-bike's chain. However, chain cleaning equipment produces better results with less time and effort.

(Tools required: chain cleaning tool, degreaser, clean, dry clothes, and soapy water)


  1. Put the chain on the smallest cog to start.
  2. Put the chain cleaning tool on the lower part of the chain and add the necessary amount of degreaser on it.
  3. Slowly ride the e-bike backwards while holding the chain cleaner in one hand. To ensure thorough cleaning, try to pedal at least 30 full times.
  4. Remove the chain cleaner after the cleaning is finished, and dispose of the degreaser properly by adhering to local requirements.
  5. Remove all of the degreaser by giving the chain cleaner a thorough rinse.
  6. If required, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the degreaser rinses out clean, showing that the filth and grime have been eliminated.
  7. Once more, fasten the chain cleaner to the lower portion of the chain while filling it with soapy water.
  8. Pedal the electric bicycle backward while holding the chain cleaner in one hand to pass the chain through the cleaner. For effective cleaning, aim for at least 30 full rotations.
  9. To remove any extra water after cleaning with soap and water, pass a clean, dry cloth over the chain.
  10. Prior to applying lube, give the chain some time to air dry. To stop the chain from rusting, do not, however, let it dry out too long.

This thorough cleaning technique, especially when using a chain cleaning tool, efficiently removes accumulated filth and debris from the chain, boosting maximum performance and increasing its longevity. After the chain has dried, it is prepared for lubrication, which can be done by following the guidelines listed below.

Without a Chain Cleaning Tool, a Deep Clean

You can use these steps to thoroughly clean your electric bike chain without a chain cleaning tool:

(Clean, dry clothes, degreaser, a sealable container, a chain-breaking tool, and water are required tools.)

  1. Remove the chain from your electric bicycle to get started. Use the master link, if your chain has one, to snap the chain and separate it. Alternately, you might break the chain using a tool and then reattach it afterwards.
  2. Take a container that can be sealed, and add enough degreaser to completely cover the chain.
  3. Put the chain into the container and carefully shut the lid.
  4. Make sure the degreaser thoroughly penetrates and cleans the chain by giving the container a few minutes of vigorous shaking.
  5. Before moving on to step 6, you can repeat steps 2-4 for an additional cleaning cycle if the chain is really dirty.
  6. For around 20 minutes, let the chain soak in the degreaser. This soaking time helps to dissolve tough filth and grime.
  7. Remove the chain from the container after the specified amount of time has passed.
  8. Slide the chain through a firmly held cloth several times to completely clean it. By doing this, you can help clean the chain's surface of any lingering grime and extra degreaser.
  9. Rinse the chain thoroughly in water to remove any remaining degreaser.
  10. Your e-bike's clean, dry chain should now be reattached.
  11. Before lubricating the chain, give it some time to air dry.

Without using a specialist chain cleaning tool, you may efficiently deep clean your e-bike chain by following these instructions. The procedure is taking the chain off your ebike, degreasing it, wiping it clean, rinsing it off, and then reattaching it.

Lube an E-Bike Chain

In order to lubricate your e-bike chain properly, it's crucial to select the right lubricant based on your riding circumstances:

  1. Choose a heavy-duty lubricant that offers good protection and deters moisture if you're riding in damp conditions or off-road in mud and dirt.
  2. Use a dry lubricant that wets the chain and then dries it in the dry summer air. Using this kind of lube will keep dirt and dust from adhering to the chain. However, keep in mind that using a dry lubricant in wet weather will cause moisture to quickly take off the lubricant.
  3. Additionally, there are lighter wet lubricants and semi-dry lubricants that can be used for a variety of riding circumstances. Riders with various environments and preferences can take advantage of these choices. The employees at your neighborhood e-bike shop can help you choose the appropriate lubricant for your unique needs and riding style if you're confused which to pick.

To successfully lubricate your e-bike chain once you have the right oil, follow these steps:

  1. Each chain link should have a drop of lubricant applied to it, being sure to coat both sides. The idea is to make it possible for the lubricant to pass between the plates and get to the chain's pin.
  2. To lubricate the whole length of the chain, repeat this procedure for each link.
  3. To assist the oil spread evenly across the chain after application, carefully pedal backward for a few rotations.
  4. Give the oil time to penetrate and offer the best lubrication by allowing it to sit on the chain for a few minutes.
  5. A clean, dry towel should be wrapped around the chain to remove any extra lubricant. Slowly pedal rearward while wiping any extra lubrication from the chain's outside surface with the cloth with your other hand.

By following these instructions, you can make sure that your e-bike chain is correctly lubricated, which will lower friction, increase chain longevity, and improve overall performance. 


For optimum performance and durability, the chain on an electric bike, especially a folding chain, must be well lubricated. It's important to choose the proper electric bike chain lube based on the conditions you ride in. Using the right lubrication will protect the chain and maintain smooth functioning regardless of whether you are riding in humid weather, muddy off-road terrain, or dry summer circumstances. Drops of lubricant should be applied to each link, coating both surfaces to allow the lubrication to pass through the plates and reach the pin inside. The folding electric bike chain will also last longer, shift smoothly, and transfer power if it is frequently cleaned and lubricated. These actions also prevent excessive wear. You can maintain a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride while extending the life of your electric bicycle chain by adhering to good maintenance procedures, such as using degreaser to clean and a clean, dry towel to wipe up excess lubricant.

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