HiPEAK World Earth Day Promotion

HiPEAK World Earth Day Promotion

The World Earth Day, the theme of which is “ Cherish the Earth, Harmony between People and Nature”, is here. It is time to do something new to advocate and practice the concept and actions of environmental protection in different ways, like riding HiPEAK folding electric bikes for a green trip, a family party or participating in a environment-related event.

Promotion: $120 OFF for each HiPEAK ebike with an extra free ebike Double Pannier Bag which costs $69.

Coupon Code: EARTH

Promotion time: April 19 00:00 - April 24 23:59 PST

1. The order must be paid between the promotion time.
2. Apply the coupon code "EARTH"  when you check out. If you use OTHER COUPON CODE, you won't get the free bag. You can get only one promotion for an order.
3. Every ebike purchase will get an extra free HiPEAK Double Pannier Bag
4.This promotion is only for offcial website orders.
5. The pannier bag will ship separately and usually take 10-15 business days.

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