HiPEAK Rider Blazer: Blazing New Trails on E-bikes

HiPEAK Rider Blazer: Blazing New Trails on E-bikes

In the field of folding electric bikes, HiPEAK is a company dedicated to driving technological innovation and performance improvements, not only by tirelessly exploring innovations in product design, but also by always focusing on user experience and needs. In the 15 years since its founding, many HiPEAK riders have shared their incredible and inspiring stories.

Today's featured rider is Chris Blazer from Oregon. He is a former amateur motorcycle athlete and now a HiPEAK BONA user. Once he dreamed of becoming a professional motorcycle athlete, but an accident changed his dream. With this article, Blazer wants to share his experience to help more people gain hope, redefine their lives and blaze new trails.

Sudden Accident

In 2021, Chris Blazer was riding his motorcycle at a speed of 70 miles per hour along the highways of Oregon, full of energy and vitality. There was no helmet, no knee pads, no gloves, and the only protective gear was an ill-fitting leather jacket. The first half of the trip went smoothly until a car suddenly appeared from the side of the main road in front of Blazer. He lost control in an instant, fell off the motorcycle, and then rolled on the road until he hit a rock before coming to a stop.

Amazingly, Blazer survived the accident. When he later recalled the incident, he said fearfully, "It was really bad, and I messed up. I still can't believe I'm alive. It's really a miracle."

Why Choose an Wlectric Bike

After recovering from a serious injury for half a year, Blazer, also known as the "son of motorcycles", still wants to ride on two wheels again. But this time, he made a safer choice - an electric fat-tire bicycle. In fact, before his injury, Blazer would often ride his bike to work and even tried riding in a snowstorm. Now living in Portland, Blazer said, "About two years ago, when I was traveling in California, I rented a fat tire electric bike. I thought it was incredible and I still remember that feeling. I think it's perfect for my current condition."

After researching various models of adult electric bikes, Blazer ultimately chose the HiPEAK BONA. As an accident survivor, Blazer places great importance on the quality and safety of folding electric bikes. "This bike is cool, I liked it the first time I saw it," Blazer said, "more importantly, I was impressed by the background of HiPEAK as a company."

Before this, I had investigated many well-known electric bike companies like RadPowerBikes and Aventon. However, I found that most of them only make OEM products and I couldn't completely trust their quality. You know, because of the accident, I'm very concerned about the quality and safety of products. One day, I discovered HiPEAK. They claim to have over a decade of experience in manufacturing electric folding bikes and have their own research and development center and factory. To be honest, I was very skeptical at first. I managed to contact the person in charge of HiPEAK in North America. To dispel my doubts, they took me to visit their manufacturing factory and explained to me in detail how they ensure the quality of every production process. Blazer said, "Not only the HiPEAK BONA bike, but also their sincerity moved me and made me believe that they are a responsible company."

How does HiPEAK help Blazer blaze new trails

Blazer has been a fan of various cycling competitions since he was young. On his 18th birthday, he received his first lightweight motorcycle and aspired to become a professional motorcyclist. Before his injury, Blazer often participated in various amateur motorcycle races, winning three championships, two runner-ups, and five third places. If everything went well, he would soon become a professional motorcycle rider. But his dream was interrupted by the accident in 2021.

Although Blazer was fortunate enough to survive and recover normal mobility, his body seemed unable to withstand the weight of a motorcycle. And doctors told him it would be best not to participate in professional motorcycle races anymore, as the next time might result in permanent damage.

But Blazer is a true warrior. Even without a motorcycle, he still has an electric fat tire bike. Blazer plans to open up a new path for himself with HiPEAK BONA - participating in electric fat tire bike races.

"BONA has a 750W brushless motor and a large capacity 48V, 15Ah lithium battery, so it can go further and easier than traditional bicycles. But it's clearly not a motorcycle, as it weighs only twenty-something kilograms. Even with my injury, I can easily control it," said Blazer. "With the popularity of electric bicycles, there are now many organized electric fat tire bike races in many places. If possible, I want to become a new professional fat tire e-bike athlete."

In recent times, Blazer has used HiPEAK BONA to participate in several electric bike races, including The Mulle, and achieved good results. Now, he is planning to participate in the Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, California electric bike challenge.

Blazer’s New Life

Since having HiPEAK BONA, Blazer will take it with him whether he is commuting to work, running errands, or traveling. "Every morning at 8:30, I will ride the BONA out, twenty minutes after arriving at the office. No need to worry about being stuck in traffic at all. Its foldable design allows me to easily put it indoors or in the trunk of my car, which is why I like to take it with me when I go out on trips." Blazer said.

Outside of work and racing, Blazer also enjoys customizing his bike. He purchased a new seat, phone mount, bell and other accessories for his BONA from HiPEAK's official website. "I can always customize the style I like. It's very interesting, isn't it? It has become a part of my life. I had even forgotten that I chose it because I could no longer ride a motorcycle." Blazer said.

Finally, we thank Blazer for sharing his story. In fact, there are many users like Blazer who have encountered difficulties and found help in HiPEAK, redefining their lives. If you have had similar experience, please feel free to share them. As the spring riding season begins, be sure to perform a safety check before riding. While enjoying the fun of riding, it is important to prioritize personal safety.

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