HIPEAK Independence Day Promotion

Independence Day Sale

Freedom rings not just in the sound of the Liberty Bell, but also in the joy of effortless travel. This Independence Day, join us in celebrating the spirit of freedom with our electric bicycles. Embrace the freedom of the open road, explore new horizons, and experience the thrill of eco-friendly mobility.


Only $1149 for 1 HiPEAK Ebike

Extra $100 OFF for 2 HiPEAK Ebikes

No Coupon Code Needed.

Promotion time: June 20th 00:00 - July 4th 23:59 PST


  1. The order must be paid between the promotion time.
  2. When you check out for 2 bikes, the discount will automatically be applied, and the whole order price will reduce by $100.
  3. This promotion is only for OFFICIAL WEBSITE orders.

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