HiPEAK ELIAS Vs Heybike Ranger -Which Is More Cost-Effective?

HiPEAK ELIAS Vs Heybike Ranger -Which Is More Cost-Effective?

The rapid growth of the electric bicycle industry has given birth to a large number of brands for consumers to choose from. But choosing an electric bike is not an easy task whether you're an experienced rider or a newcomer who's just heard about this sort of bike. 

In this article, we have picked two of the most professional folding electric bike brands currently on the market—Representative models of HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger for comparison. We'll take you through the two folding-bikes from popular items like price, battery, motor, and range to help you choose the one that's right for you!

Comparison between HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger

First, let's go through the spec list and look at a comparison of the key information of the two electric folding bikes.

Spec list



Heybike Ranger


$1299 ($200 OFF coupon available)



48V 15Ah removable Lithium battery

48V 15Ah removable Lithium battery


60 miles per charge

55 miles per charge


750W brushless motor

500W brushless motor

Max load




 20" X 4" fat tires

 20" X 4"fat tires


180mm mechanical disc

180mm mechanical disc


half twist throttle

half twist throttle


LED front and rear lights, with brake light function

LED front and rear lights, with brake light function

display screen

LCD multi-function display

LCD multi-function display

Pedal Assist

Intelligent 7-level PAS

3-level PAS

Comparison of popular projects:

After reading the list above, I believe you already have a preliminary impression of ELIAS and Ranger. Next, let us take you to understand the differences between the two bikes in detail.


Price is always an essential consideration when people buy products. Both HiPEAK and Heybike have the industry's top cost-effectiveness, so which one is more cost-effective? From the price point of view, the price of HiPEAK ELIAS is 1299 $, and the price of Heybike Ranger is 1399 $. The ELIAS is $100 less than the Ranger. Of course, cheap price is not the only factor that affects cost performance. It must also includes a comprehensive comparison of performance and functions. Don't worry, let's move on.


If you use electronics a lot, you'll find that most of them use lithium-ion batteries. Because Lithium Ion lasts longer - on average, Lithium batteries last 2 or 3 years longer than lead acid batteries. In addition, they are also lighter, which is more range-friendly. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are regarded as the future trend, and almost all electric vehicles and electric bicycle brands use lithium batteries.

As the representative brands of electric folding bicycle industry in the United States, HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger use advanced battery technology to provide maximum battery capacity for their motors. Both electric bicycles are equipped with a 48V, 15Ah large-capacity lithium-ion battery, The battery capacity of most brands in the industry is 48V 12-14Ah.


Just now we mentioned that both HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger are equipped with large-capacity batteries that exceed the industry average. And the most direct impact of this is to allow them to have a longer battery life.

The Ranger has a cruising range of 55 miles, and the ELIAS has a cruising range of 60 miles, which is far ahead of other similar folding electric bicycles. Such a cruising range is enough to cover an ordinary commuting range. Even if you want to take a long trip, HiPEAK ELIAS can help you achieve it easily.


The motor is one of the most important components of an electric bicycle. To some extent, it will directly affect your riding experience. Although most of the time, folding bikes are used for urban commuting, But having a powerful motor is always a good thing, especially if you live in a hilly area or like to travel with your bike, a high-power motor will make your uphill easier. In this regard, HiPEAK ELIAS may be your better choice, because its motor power reaches 750W. In comparison, the Heybike Ranger only has a 500W motor.


As we can see from the spec list, both bikes equip with fat tires measuring 20" X 4". Fat tires perform better and look cooler than regular tires. In addition to urban commuting, you can also ride on snow, sand and rough mountain roads.

Display screen

Both ELIAS and Ranger are equipped with an LCD multifunction display.The difference is that the ELIAS display is located on the left side of the handlebar, while the Ranger is mounted in the middle of the handlebar. As for which position is better, it depends more on the rider's daily usage habits. On the other hand, I have to admit that the black and white displays fitted to the ELIAS and Ranger might not look very high-tech compared to the advanced multi-function color LCDs that come with expensive bikes on the market. But they can still provide users with real-time information about speed, power, mileage, etc., which is enough to ensure the user's riding experience.

The color of bike

Many young riders want to express their unique style through a more personalized bike, and one of the important factors is the body color.

In this project, HiPEAK ELIAS is the winner. Because it has white, yellow and gray blue for users to choose from, three different colors can match more styles of riders. In contrast, Ranger only provides users with two choices of black and white, and the overall style is relatively simple.

Weight capacity

When many people buy folding electric bicycles, there is often a concern - the special design of folding bicycles makes their load-bearing capacity not as good as that of mountain bikes. So it might not be able to hold my weight and carry more stuff.

It cannot be denied that this problem does exist in the folding bicycle industry, but for HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger, this concern is completely unnecessary. Because both ELIAS and Ranger can bear more than 300 pounds-the Ranger can hold up to 330 pounds, and the ELIAS has reached an astonishing 350 pounds.

For most people, the maximum load capacity of HiPEAK ELIAS allows you to carry a lot of cargo while riding. When you are out shopping or traveling, you will find that this feature is really great.


Folding bikes are not only popular with urban commuters, but are also very convenient for those with limited living space, such as a studio apartment or share house. It's also easy to take on an RV trip or even on a canal boat.

In this article, we compared HiPEAK ELIAS and Heybike Ranger in details, two of the most cost-effective folding electric bicycles currently on the market. Overall, ELIAS and Ranger are very close in terms of price, performance, and functionality. But if you carefully compare some key popular projects, you can find that ELIAS is $100 cheaper than Ranger.

At the same time, ELIAS has a longer range(ELIAS 60 miles, Ranger 55 miles), higher power motors (ELIAS 750W, Ranger 500W), and greater weight-bearing capacity (ELIAS 350 pounds, Ranger 330 pounds). In addition, ELIAS has more body color options to make your ride more personalized.

In addition, we must also tell you that, compared to many electric bicycle brands, HiPEAK has its own manufacturing plant in China. This allows it to have the strictest quality control from design to manufacturing to transportation and sales. Every HiPeak folding electric bike can be used for a long time after it is delivered to a new owner.

In summary, our final conclusion is that HiPEAK ELIAS is more cost-effective than Heybike Ranger. If you need a folding electric bicycle, HiPEAK ELIAS is definitely your best choice!


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