HiPEAK ELIAS - How to Facilitate the Campus Life of College Students

HiPEAK ELIAS - How to Facilitate the Campus Life of College Students

For many people, college is often a time full of passion and busyness. Some people actively train to win sports competitions, some cram for exams at the last minute, and others are busy balancing their hectic campus and social lives. Almost all college students are worried about how they will make it to their classes on time. That's why we want to introduce you to the HiPEAK ELIAS folding electric bike.

HiPEAK and college student Kelly Angel’s story

Kelly Angel, who lives in Detroit, became a well-known baseball player at her local school at the age of 12. She had set her sights on joining the University of Michigan baseball team from an early age. In 2022, Angel finally achieved her long-awaited dream of entering the University of Michigan. However, Angel did not move into a dormitory on campus, but chose to live in an enviable off-campus apartment. This also presented Angel with the first challenge that she, like millions of American university students, had to overcome - how to navigate effectively on the university campus without a large motorized vehicle.

As a top-level athlete, when Angel saw others riding underpowered electric scooters and electric bikes, she was determined to find a transportation solution with more powerful performance, longer range, and greater stability and safety. With her keen intuition, she soon discovered the HiPEAK ELIAS electric fat-tire bike.

Motor power and range were the most important factors for Angel when choosing an adult electric bike. "As an athlete, I prefer a folding electric bike with powerful performance," Angel said. "The HiPEAK ELIAS has a powerful 750W motor, which gives me a feeling of speed and agility. And it also has two 20" X 4" fat tires, which allow me to tackle many seemingly impossible challenges."

Angel said, "I live off campus and don't have a car or motorcycle, but I have classes, training, or games almost every day. Therefore, having a fat tire electric bike that can easily handle different locations is crucial for me. I often worry about my classes, grades, upcoming exams or games, but I never worry about running out of battery because HiPEAK ELIAS always seems to be fully charged. The ELIAS is equipped with a 48v 15ah high-capacity lithium battery with a range of 60 miles, which allows me to always arrive on time at the university classroom, any training, or game venue."

Of course, the motor and battery range are not the only reasons why Angel fell in love with the HiPEAK ELIAS. "The design of this bike looks very cool. In fact, I'm not that tall. When I stand next to the ELIAS, its low cross design makes me feel like it's easier to approach than other electric bikes. I think even if I had a car, I would still prefer to ride a folding electric bike," Angel said. "Of course, while the ELIAS helps me, it also gives me some trouble. Many times when I ride my electric fat tire bike through the campus, I constantly receive requests from classmates and teammates asking where they can buy this bike or borrow my HiPEAK ELIAS. Honestly, I love my ELIAS, so sometimes I'm not willing to lend it out willingly."

Now, Angel who lives in off-campus apartment uses her fat tire electric bike for every trip, from daily classes in the classrooms of the University of Michigan, to practices with the campus baseball team, and to competitions at other schools, where the usage scenarios keep changing.

What makes HiPEAK the perfect transportation for college students?

It is the urgent needs of many college students like Angel that inspire HiPEAK to keep exploring. Today, HiPEAK is bringing the ELIAS folding electric bike back to campus, making it the perfect mode of transportation for college students across America in the following ways.

It makes it easy to balance study and social life

Transportation is always a hassle for commuters, even the long walk from the university dorms to the classrooms can be challenging. However, with HiPEAK ELIAS' 750W motor and 7-level pedal assist, you can easily accelerate and make the journey from your dorm to your classroom much easier.

Of course, what HiPEAK can do is not just save you time to get to class. ELIAS' 60-mile range makes social life outside the campus more convenient than ever - you can go to class during the day, go to downtown for pizza at night, and explore the local outdoors on weekends.

It can eliminate the rising costs of traveling

For most college students, who don't have cars, the most common way of getting around is by using Lyft or Uber. However, due to a shortage of drivers, the cost of taking a taxi is continuously increasing. Using an electric bike allows them to start their journey at any time without having to stop and carpool with others to save money.

For college students who want to rent a car, electric bikes can also help them save a lot of money and trouble. The HiPEAK ELIAS is primarily powered by electricity and the rider, which eliminates the expensive fueling process. This means it can be an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation option for any student. And when they arrive at their destination, the foldable design of ELIAS allows it to be easily locked onto any bike rack outside a building or brought indoors, without having to spend a lot of time searching for parking spaces and paying expensive parking fees like driving a car.

It is beneficial for health

Nearly half of college students in the United States report feeling moderate to high levels of stress, which can significantly affect their academic performance and quality of life, such as causing insomnia or weakened immune systems.

Regular exercise is a well-known and effective way to relieve this stress, and riding an electric bike can be especially beneficial for health. Research by Dr. Nick Cavill, an independent public health consultant and researcher at the University of Bristol, has found that riding an electric bike can bring many additional benefits, such as using the 60-mile range of HiPEAK ELIAS for long-distance rides to release stress, and using its 7-level pedal-assist function to help college students easily exercise their leg and waist muscles without causing strains from excessive force.

Enough to change the world of transportation

Many college students are passionate about environmental protection and dream of making the world a better place through their knowledge and efforts. With an electric bicycle, you don't have to wait until graduation day to make a contribution to the environment.

According to statistics, an electric fat tire bicycle can reduce approximately 400 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per mile compared to a car. This means that if you start riding a bicycle instead of driving from your freshman year, you can offset carbon emissions equivalent to burning 2,868 pounds of coal, driving 6,434 miles, and charging your phone 315,298 times.

Conclusion: Starting by enjoying HiPEAK discounts

On the HiPEAK website, the latest HiPEAK ELIAS electric bike is only $1,299. This is an impressive price because you can hardly find an electric fat tire bike with better performance and a lower price than ELIAS. In addition, HiPEAK often offers significant discounts for students and educators at all levels. If you are a student or teacher, you can now enjoy a discount of $180 off the $1,299 base price and even $400 off if you purchase two bikes. Are you ready to bring HiPEAK ELIAS back to campus for less than $1,299 and enjoy the admiration of others?

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