HiPEAK Easter Sale

HiPEAK Easter Sale

The spring season is upon us, and as we approach Lent, it's time to turn our focus to Easter Sunday. It's time to ride ebikes with your family out on an Easter trip.

Happy Easter! Enjoy this special day.


$180 OFF for 1 HiPEAK Ebike

$400 OFF for 2 HiPEAK Ebikes

Coupon Code:  

E180 for $180 OFF

E400 for $ 400 OFF

Promotion time: April 5th 00:00 - April 12th 23:59 PST


  1. The order must be paid between the promotion time.
  2. Apply the coupon code "E180" or "E400" to get the order discount when you check out. (in mobile browser you need to unfold the "show the order summary" on the top to show the coupon section)
  3. This promotion is only for official website orders.

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