Hipeak E-bike Accessories Buying Guide in 2023

Hipeak E-bike Accessories Buying Guide in 2023

Having the appropriate accessories may make a huge difference in terms of convenience, safety, and overall enjoyment, whether you're an experienced e-bike enthusiast or fresh to the world of electric bicycles. we'll discuss a few of the accessories, these items have been chosen with care based on their value, usefulness, and capacity to improve your e-bike riding experience. Join us as we examine the best e-bike accessories from HiPEAK, assisting you in making wise choices to advance your e-bike explorations.In this thorough tutorial, we'll delve into the realm of e-bike accessories and examine five specifically chosen HiPEAK goods that will make riding an e-bike more enjoyable. 

HiPEAK Double Pannier Bag

Introducing the HiPEAK Double Pannier Bag, a flexible and practical answer to all your bicycle storage needs. This multipurpose backpack is ideal for transporting equipment and supplies when traveling because of its additional space and simple installation. With a roomy 35L size, and weighs 1640g, measures 40*31.5cm, and is available in a fashionable grey hue. it provides plenty of space to arrange your things, such as your wallet, mobile phone, towels, clothes, bike tools, water bottles, maps, and food. 

The bag's quick release design makes it easy to install and guarantees a tight fit on all sorts of bicycles. It is made of high-grade nylon gingham and 300D polyester, which ensures toughness and longevity. It is also waterproof and simple to clean. The backpack has a sizable luminous cloth that greatly improves visibility for increased safety during evening riding. 

The HiPEAK Double Pannier Bag can be quickly and easily mounted or removed from a variety of bike frames, including mountain bikes, road cycles, and e-bikes, thanks to its tool-free installation and adjustable fixing straps. Prepare to set off on your bicycle adventures with the HiPEAK Double Pannier Bag, your ideal travel, storage, and security companion.

HIPEAK Removable 48V 15Ah Lithium Battery

HiPEAK differentiates out from the competition when it comes to folding e-bikes because to their excellent battery technology. They use a powerful 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery, in contrast to other brands that commonly use 48V 12-14Ah e-bike batteries. Riders can travel further on a single charge because to the extended range and higher capacity battery. 

HiPEAK electric bikes offer a prolonged and joyful riding experience with an exceptional range of up to 35-60 kilometers per full charge. BONA and ELIAS are two of the e-bike models that HiPEAK sells; both of them are built to provide the best performance and convenience. Additionally, the battery has a 720 watt-hour (WH) capacity, providing enough juice for your rides. 

The battery is still portable and lightweight despite having a larger capacity; it weighs only 9.04 lbs (4 kg). The battery charges quickly—between five and seven hours are needed for a full charge. Long rides are liberating, and you may easily and confidently explore your surroundings with HiPEAK folding e-bikes.

HiPEAK Bike Mirror Handlebar Rearview Mirror

Introducing the HiPEAK Bike Mirror Handlebar Rearview Mirror, an essential piece of equipment to improve your cycling convenience and safety. You can effortlessly twist this handlebar-style bicycle mirror to have a better perspective of what's behind you thanks to its 360-degree changeable design. 

The mirror's high-definition glass lens produces a clean, distortion-free image that gives you a broader field of vision and keeps you safe while driving. It is manufactured of high-strength ABS and painted using a high-temperature baking technique, which provides longevity and resistance to paint loss. The bike mirror is stable and won't wobble, fracture, or shatter even during jerky rides thanks to its durable design. With its stylish appearance, it not only fulfills a practical need but also gives your bike a little extra flair. 

The HiPEAK Bike Mirror is compatible with the majority of mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and city bikes since it can fit bicycles with handlebar diameters between 22.2mm and 25mm. Mirror mounting bases are available to ensure a perfect fit if your bike doesn't have the necessary mounting holes. The screws and tools that come with the bike mirror make it simple to install and remove. To help you through the process, a thorough installation instruction video is also offered. Use the HiPEAK Bike Mirror Handlebar Rearview Mirror to improve your cycling experience.

HiPEAK Bike Bag - Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag with Rain Cover for Riding

This a waterproof saddle bag created for maximum performance when riding. This bike pannier is incredibly strong, tear-resistant, and completely waterproof because it is made of 1000D polyester cloth with waterproof PVC layers on both sides. Your possessions are reliably protected, assuring their safety and dryness. With two side bags that are each 29.5*15*34 cm long and a top bag that is 31*15*49 cm long, the bag has a huge capacity. It has space for all of your cycling necessities, including clothes, shoes, toiletries, a laptop, bike maintenance equipment, and more. 

The bag is firmly fastened to the rear tire carrier using double hooks and back buckles, which makes installation simple. Six buckles also let you attach the top bag to the side bags. When you're not riding, you may carry the bike bag on your shoulder thanks to the package's removable shoulder strap with simple locking buckles. A multipurpose piece of outdoor riding gear, the HiPEAK Bike Bag is ideal for trips with friends and family, camping, and bicycling. 

Vintage Comfortable Oversized E-bike Saddle Seat

The Vintage Comfortable Oversized E-bike Saddle Seat lets you ride in both comfort and flair. This saddle seat blends aesthetic appeal with ergonomic comfort and has a classic appearance. 


  • An experience similar to sitting on a sofa is provided by the wide design and high-elastic cushioning. High-elastic metal material and dual spring suspension are used in the seat's bottom, which offers outstanding shock absorption and guarantees comfort and safety even on rocky roads. 
  • The newest memory foam padding molds to your body, giving you complete, pleasant support and easing pressure on your nerves and blood vessels. Your hips are perfectly accommodated by the design's increased width, which also protects your back and butt while you cycle comfortably. 
  • The live waterproof leather surface is not only strong but also resistant to wear and stains, letting you ride worry-free in a variety of weather conditions. Leisure riders can have a healthier and more pleasant experience thanks to the ergonomic design, which allows for unfettered thigh movement and lessens the pressure of a sedentary position. 

With the provided universal mounting method and tools, installing the saddle is a simple. The HiPEAK Comfort Bike Saddle fits all types of bikes, whether you ride a peloton, stationary bike, cruiser, mountain bike, road city bike, or electric cycling. Take advantage of the classic large saddle seat's blend of comfort, style, and usefulness. It elevates your bike trips and is available in Black and Brown.


The "HiPEAK E-bike Accessories Buying Guide in 2023" concludes with a detailed analysis of five HiPEAK products.  You can choose wisely to improve your e-bike explorations and take advantage of the advantages they provide to your riding experiences by taking into account these HiPEAK accessories.

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