Fat Tire Electric Bike or Electric Tricycle, which One to Choose?

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People are desperately looking for new ways to travel due to oil price, environmental protection and traffic jam. In recent years, almost all of America has discovered the tremendous benefits of electric bicycles, which is why adult electric bicycles are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. At the same time, another product in the same electric segment - electric tricycles - is also attracting more and more attention. This leaves people with a new dilemma - when choosing an electric mobility vehicle, should they buy an electric fat tire bike or an electric tricycle? 

In fact, both vehicles have their own advantages and applicable scenarios, so when making a choice, you need to make a comprehensive consideration based on personal needs and use scenarios. In this article, we will compare electric fat tire bicycles and electric tricycles in terms of price, load capacity, stability and passability, and give suggestions for choosing a vehicle.

What is an electric bike

An electric bicycle is an electric-powered transportation device based on a traditional bike. Its main feature is the addition of a motor and battery to the original bicycle structure, which allows for electric-assisted pedaling through a controller. It can be ridden like a regular bicycle with human power or with the assistance of the electric motor for a faster and less strenuous mode of transportation. Electric bicycles are popular due to their environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and health benefits, and have become an important mode of transportation in urban areas.

The benefits of electric bikes

Electric bicycles have become an excellent substitute or supplement for the thousands of people seeking more environmentally friendly ways to travel. As for the inherent benefits of electric bicycles, I believe many of you have already read numerous related articles. However, for riders who are still undecided between fat tire electric bike and electric tricycles, here are some benefits they need to understand more deeply:

Better flexibility and portability

At first glance, e-bike have a smaller size compared to electric tricycles. This also means that they have better flexibility than electric tricycles. With only two wheels, electric bicycles can turn and avoid obstacles more easily and adapt to narrower openings.

The smaller size also means lighter weight and smaller storage space, especially for folding electric bikes like HiPEAK, which only weighs 61 pounds and has a foldable design that takes up very little storage space. It can easily fit into a car trunk or be taken to the office, which is something that electric tricycles cannot compare with.

Faster speed

Electric bicycles are usually much faster than tricycles. For example, HiPEAK BONA can easily reach a speed of 25 miles per hour, while most electric tricycles have speeds below 20 miles per hour. Younger people and commuters generally prefer faster speeds, which is why they are more likely to choose e-bike.

Tackling more terrain

E-bikes can handle different types of terrain better than tricycles. This is especially true for e-bikes equipped with fat tires, which people can use to easily ride in sand, snow or gravel. For those who love the outdoors and adventure, electric tricycles may not be as attractive.

Longer range and battery life

As we all know, the range and weight of an electric vehicle are related. With the same 48V 15ah high-capacity battery, the range of e-bike can reach 60 miles, while most electric tricycles may only have 40 miles or even shorter. Another result of this is that the battery life of electric bicycles is usually longer than that of electric tricycles of the same level, because the battery life decreases with the number of times it is charged, and electric tricycles need to be charged more frequently.

Cheaper price

The last thing that needs to be mentioned is the price. Electric bicycles are usually much cheaper than electric tricycles. The electric bikes usually costs $1000-2000, while most electric tricycles with the same configuration cost over $2500. For those who want to save some money, buying an electric folding bicycle is undoubtedly more cost-effective.

What is an electric tricycle

Electric tricycle is an electric-powered vehicle based on three wheels, usually composed of a motor, battery, controller, frame and other components. Compared with traditional motorcycles, electric tricycles are more stable and can carry more cargo or passengers. They are widely used in short-distance logistics and delivery, tourism, family travel, and other fields, and are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, economy, environmental friendliness, and other advantages.

The benefits of electric tricycle

Multiple advantages as electric bikes have, electric tricycles are not good-for-nothing, and their benefits include followings:

Better cargo-capacity

Because electric tricycles take up more space, they also have more storage space. Many tricycles have a dry bag that can hold over 30 liters behind them. This means that initially, electric tricycles can carry more things. However, there are also electric bicycles like HiPEAK BONA that can carry up to 350 pounds and can increase storage space by adding a bicycle basket.

Better smoothness and ease of riding

Because they have three points of contact with the ground, tricycles can stand up on their own, requiring little balance from the rider. This is undoubtedly more friendly for those who have never ridden a bicycle before or have poor balance.

More comfortable

Many tricycles have wider and larger seats than bicycles, and some even have cushions directly added behind the seats. Therefore, in terms of comfort, it may be stronger than ordinary electric bicycles. On the other hand, the stability of the tricycle itself can also allow riders to freely change positions during the journey without making their bodies too stiff.

Which one is better

Firstly, it can be certain that both electric bikes and electric tricycles can be more cost-effective than cars - there is no need to purchase insurance, pay for gasoline bills, or expensive car maintenance costs. Then, through the above comparison, it can be found that electric bicycles have greater advantages in flexibility, maneuverability, fun, and price, while electric tricycles are more outstanding in cargo capacity and stability. Therefore, without special needs, electric bicycles are a better choice. Electric tricycles are more suitable for the elderly who have lost balance or families who need to take their children out frequently. The final decision is still in the hands of the users themselves!

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