Custom Modification - Modification Cost Of Electric Bicycle

Custom Modification - Modification Cost Of Electric Bicycle

As the number of people riding electric bicycles continues to rise, a growing number of fans are searching for ways to customize and improve the functionality of their own electric bicycles. Riders have the chance to tailor the performance, aesthetics, and functionality of their bikes to meet their unique requirements and preferences when they opt for customized modifications. In this piece, we will investigate the realm of electric bike retrofitting and go into the topic of the prices connected with the various adaptations related with electric bikes. In addition to this, we will devote considerable time to analyzing the folding electric bike. Continue reading if you're interested in learning more about these.


Benefits of Electric Bike Retrofit

The many advantages of electric bike retrofitting make it a desirable choice for cyclists. The first benefit is price, as it is frequently far less expensive to retrofit an electric kit onto an existing bike than to purchase a new electric bike. As a result, people can benefit from electric assistance without going over their budget. Second, since riders can choose the components that best suit their preferences and needs, retrofitting enables a high degree of personalization. This personalization makes for a totally unique and satisfying riding experience.

Last but not least, electric bike conversion adheres to environmental standards by reusing and repurposing an existing bicycle. This eco-friendly strategy lessens waste and encourages living more sustainably, making it a desirable choice for people looking to reduce their ecological effects. Overall, electric bike retrofitting provides a useful, unique, and environmentally friendly option to enjoy the benefits of electric transportation while maximizing one's cherished two-wheeler.


Factors Affecting Modification Cost

  1. Quality of Components: The cost of retrofitting an electric bike is highly dependent, both directly and indirectly, on the quality and brand of the components that are used. The price of higher-quality motors and batteries is typically more, but they offer superior performance as well as a longer lifespan.
  2. Power and Range Requirements: The total cost will be affected both by the power output of the motor as well as the capacity of the battery. Those who are looking for faster speeds and further ranges should be prepared to pay a higher fee.
  3. Labor Charges: Labor costs are an additional expense that riders will need to take into consideration if they choose to have their refit completed by a professional bike mechanic. However, in order to save money on labor costs, some riders may decide to perform the retrofitting process on their own.
  4. Additional Features: The total cost of modifying a vehicle can be increased by adding components and accessories that have additional costs, such as LCD screens, smartphone connectivity, and regenerative brakes.


Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes have quickly become quite popular among city commuters and those who live in urban areas due to the fact that they are easy to transport and have a compact design. These bicycles have a frame that can fold up and unfold easily, allowing riders to do so in a short amount of time. As a result, they are ideal for use on public transportation and for storage in confined areas. Customization and modification of folding electric bikes is possible, just as it is with standard electric bicycles, in order to cater to particular requirements.


  • Upgrading the battery: Riders have the option of purchasing a battery with a bigger capacity, which increases the bike's range and makes it more suitable for longer commutes.
  • Changing Tires: It is possible to improve both the overall performance and the reliability of a vehicle by purchasing tires that have improved grip and resistance to puncture.
  • Adding accessories: Racks, fenders, lights, and other equipment can be added as part of the customization process to cater to an individual's preferences and the demands of their commute.



Hipeak Customizes Electric Bikes

In this part, we provide you with a list of HIPEAK accessories together with their prices, giving you the opportunity to personalize your electric bike in accordance with your specific preferences and requirements.


  1. Removable 48V 15Ah lithium battery: In contrast to the majority of other folding e-bike brands, which normally use 48V 12–14Ah batteries, this lithium-ion battery stands out for its higher capacity of 48V 15Ah and is priced at $399.00. Your HiPEAK electric bike may now travel up to 35–60 miles on a fully charged battery thanks to this improvement. The battery has a considerable capacity of 720 watt-hours and only weighs 9.04 lbs (4 kg) after taking 5-7 hours to fully charge. For those looking for greater range and performance, this battery—which is compatible with Ebike Models BONA and ELIAS—is the best option.
  2. Multipurpose Phone Holder: This phone holder, which costs $19.00, has a variety of features to improve your cycling experience. It is more than just a holder; it also features a rechargeable bike headlamp with three lighting settings that last 8–12 hours, a built–in speaker with 5 sound effects, and a cycling horn that can produce noises of up to 130 decibels. Additionally, it functions as a high-capacity 3000mAh mobile power bank, a 500-lumen bike LED light, and a waterproof phone holder for phones between 4 and 6.5 inches. It is simple to install without tools and ensures that your phone is kept safely connected to the handlebars while still performing crucial tasks while you are riding.
  3. Double Pannier Bag: Normally $69.00, but currently $49.00, this roomy and simple-to-install rucksack is ideal for transporting tools and materials when traveling or going about your daily business. With a huge 35L capacity, it fits a variety of necessities like wallets, mobile phones, towels, clothes, bike equipment, water bottles, maps, and food, keeping your possessions accessible and organized. The bag is made of 300D polyester and premium nylon gingham, which makes it resistant and waterproof. For safer cycling at night, the wide luminous fabric design improves visibility. With adjustable fixing straps that fit most bike frames, including e-bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes, tool-free installation is made feasible.
  4. With turn signals, the HiPeak bike tail light: This bike tail light, which retails for $34.99, features remote-controllable left and right turn signals. It has four settings that efficiently inform other cyclists and motorists, improving safety while riding: red light, red light fast flashing, red and yellow light flashing, and parking flashing. This tail light ensures great lighting, especially in bad weather, thanks to an intelligent, ultra-bright 80-lumens LED light. It contains a 700mAh high-capacity battery that charges quickly through a USB connection and is waterproof and rechargeable. The light is simple to install and configure with a 270-degree viewing range and an adjustable viewing angle to meet your needs.
  5. HiPEAK Flashlight Bike Light: This bike headlight, which retails for $25.99, has four professional T6 LED beads that have a maximum output of 2000 lumens for extremely strong illumination over a large area and a distance. It has five lighting options, including high light, medium light, low light, slight light, and fast flash, to meet different needs. The dual-port Type-C port that is built inside the device is used to recharge both the 3000mAh battery in the front light and the 350mAh battery in the tail light. The bike light is appropriate for use when riding in wet conditions because it is splash- and rain-resistant and has an IP65 waterproof design. The battery level indicator makes it simple to monitor usage and charging times. The mounting brackets that are provided make installation simple and fit all types of bikes, including road, mountain, and children's bikes.


Because you have access to these HIPEAK accessories, you have the ability to personalize and improve your electric bicycle, which will, in turn, make your rides safer, more effective, and more fun.



As e-bikes become more popular, riders are looking for ways to customize and improve them. Custom modifications let riders customize electric bikes' performance, looks, and utility for a totally unique and pleasurable ride. Electric bike conversion is also a cost-effective way to turn a regular bike into a powerful and efficient e-bike while decreasing trash and supporting sustainability. HIPEAK accessories let riders modify their electric motorcycles by updating batteries, adding multipurpose phone holders, installing bright lighting, and adding pannier bags. These modification choices can improve e-biking safety, fun, and sustainability. Whether it's increasing range, visibility, or convenience, electric bicycles may be customized and upgraded to suit riders' needs.


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