8 Low-impact Exercises Suitable for Elderly People

8 Low-impact Exercises Suitable for Elderly People

Exercise is crucial for people of all age groups, especially for elderly people, as it can prevent many age-related problems. According to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, individuals aged 60 and above should engage in at lease 150 minutes of “moderate-intensify” activity or 75 minutes of “vigorous-intensify” activity per week.

On the other hand, the joints of elderly people are typically more delicate, which means they must choose their exercise methods more wisely. It is best to select low-impact exercises that are suitable for the knees and ankles while promoting cardiovascular health, muscle tone, balance, and coordination. This article has compiled the most popular and suitable low-impact exercises for seniors. Keep reading to find the exercise that is best suited for yourself or your family members!

Riding electric bikes

Riding adult electric bike has become one of the most popular low-impact exercises in the past two years. It effectively exercises the major leg muscles, including the quadriceps and calves, without putting excessive pressure on the ankles and knees. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric bicycles have a motor that provides power even if the rider doesn't pedal forcefully. This makes cycling easier for seniors and helps them enjoy longer exercise sessions.

This assistance also makes folding electric bikes highly suitable for individuals with knee arthritis. HiPEAK always provide the best electric bikes for all elderly people. If you or your elderly family members are interested in cycling, a HiPEAK ELIAS with a 750W motor and 7-level pedal assistance is an excellent choice.


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on improving body gestures, balance, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance. It emphasizes breach control and smooth movements. Pilates does not put excessive effect on on the joints as it involves performing many exercise on the floor without added weight.

If elderly individuals are willing to try this exercise, it is best to consult with professional Pilates instructors. They often offer classes designed for the unique needs of seniors. This ensures correct gestures while exercising and minimizes the potential risk of injury.


Yoga is a mind-body practice that originated in India. It primarily focuses on achieving physical and mental well-being and inner balance through postures, breathing, and meditation. It has now become a global form of fitness activity. Yoga can help older individuals improve the quality of their breathing and cardiovascular function, promote balanced muscle development, reduce the risk of muscle imbalances and injuries, and enhance immune system function and overall energy levels.

Similarly, there are many yoga programs available in the market that are specifically designed for seniors. These programs feature slow and gentle poses that do not put pressure on the joints.

Tai chi

Tai Chi is characterized by slow, continuous movements and breath control. It involves gently moving the body through a series of postures that do not exert excessive pressure on the joints. Tai Chi can serve as both a physical exercise and a method to promote physical and mental well-being and inner balance.

If you are not familiar with Tai Chi, you can try joining a Tai Chi course or practice using the numerous instructional videos available on YouTube.


Walking is a great way to raise your heart rate without putting too much pressure on your knees. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed with a loved one while engaging in conversation. This can make exercise more enjoyable and help maintain motivation.

Carrying a pedometer with you can help better assess your activity level. When walking, it's best to swing your arms as well, turning it into a full-body workout. You can also consider carrying two small dumbbells to exercise your arm muscles.


Golf is a sport that does not involve intense activities such as running or jumping, but it does require a significant amount of walking. Therefore, it become a low-impact exercise suitable for elderly people.

However, golf can be an expensive and time-consuming sport, and it may not be suitable for people living in cold and rainy areas. If you are considering trying this sport, it's best to start by renting equipment and playing with friends. Once you are certain that you enjoy it, you can then invest in your own equipment.

Water aerobics

Water aerobics is a low-impact, full-body aerobic exercise performed in water. It includes various movements such as dance, yoga, and swimming exercises, which help strengthen muscles and improve balance.

Due to the buoyancy and resistance of water, water aerobics reduces stress on joints and bones while improving cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. It is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels and is widely regarded as a safe and effective exercise method.

Suspension fitness training

Suspension training is a comprehensive full-body training method that utilizes a suspension system anchored to a wall or other support structure to exercise using gravity and body weight.

It can improve core stability, strength, flexibility, and balance. It also helps improve posture and reduce the risk of injuries. The difficulty and intensity of suspension training can be adjusted according to individual needs and fitness levels, making it suitable for people of various fitness levels.


As mentioned above, there are many types of exercises suitable for elderly individuals. Among them, riding an electric bike is undoubtedly a unique and highly effective form of exercise. This low-impact exercise can improve heart health, muscle tone, and endurance. Additionally, seniors can lift their confidence by conquering hills and rough terrains. Fortunately, HiPEAK ELIAS folding electric bike is perfect designed to meet these needs. It is equipped with a large 48V 15AH battery that provides a range of 60 miles, allowing seniors to ride longer without the hassle of frequent recharging. Each bicycle also comes with safety features such as front headlights, rear brake lights, and disc brakes. Furthermore, the ELIAS model's 20" X 4" fat tires provide a comfortable and stable riding experience for older individuals.

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