6 Misconceptions About Folding Electric Bikes - Here's The Truth!

folding electric bikes

E-bikes account for an increasing proportion of global bicycle industry sales. The recent drop in cost has also increased their popularity among riders. Among them, electric folding bikes are preferred by urban commuters and students due to their portability, convenience, adaptable design, and affordable price range. Its demand has risen dramatically in recent years.

However, there are some misconceptions surrounding foldable electric bikes, leaving many potential users confused and hesitant. This article will resolve 6 major misunderstandings about folding electric bicycles, and restore the truest appearance of folding electric bicycles!

Foldable electric bicycles are easily damaged

Due to the special collapsible design of the folding bicycle, some potential users mistakenly believe that it is easy to be damaged. Contrary to popular belief, folding e-bikes offer greater durability than regular bikes.

Although the hinges and joints are the weakest part of the e-bike, since there is no extra weight in the hinge and joint area, the e-bike is less burdened. Based on this, folding e-bikes are more powerful on the road than regular e-bikes. On the other hand, e-bikes are usually made of very durable, strong components, which allow them to withstand more stress. For example, HiPeak BONA can withstand a maximum weight of 350 pounds because of its solid aluminum alloy body and exquisite design, far exceeding most ordinary bicycles.

Therefore, it is very wrong to judge the shelf life of folding electric bicycles based on hearsay. With the current level of proficiency of electric bicycle manufacturers such as HiPeak, it is possible to produce folding bicycles that are stronger and more durable than ordinary bicycles!

Folding electric bikes are not fast

Another misconception about folding bikes is that they are slow because they are heavy. In reality, a lot depends on the power of the motor the bike is equipped with. An e-bike with the perfect gear and motor can easily exceed 20 miles per hour. Take HiPeak BONA as an example, with its 750W high-power motor (this is the motor power equipped with many mountain bikes), and its lighter weight than mountain bikes, it does not lag in speed at all (but in riding local legal speed limits must be observed)!

They are time-consuming and difficult to maintain

There are some misconceptions surrounding the maintenance of folding electric bikes. Because they usually have additional battery maintenance, and traditional bicycles do not have batteries, there is no need to do more work. However, your e-bike brand manufacturer will provide a guide or maintenance chart that will allow you to easily care for your e-bike battery. Most of the time, you just need to perform the exact cleaning routine you would on a normal bike.

Of course, the maintenance of foldable electric bikes also depends on factors such as their level of use, but in general, they are as easy to clean and maintain in the long run as other bikes.

Electric folding bikes are not easy to move

There is no denying that e-bikes are heavier than regular bikes due to the motor and battery components. However, this doesn't quite apply to foldable e-bikes. Because its main purpose is to make people's commuting and journey more convenient.

Engineers have designed the folding bike so ingeniously that it only takes a few seconds for the user to clip the parts together. Then easily put it in the trunk of your car or your office. It is precise because of the characteristics of easy portability and mobility that folding bicycles have become the first choice for many RV travel and office commuters.

Folding electric bikes are expensive

The folding e-bike is a curious design with a lot of technology incorporated into its production. So, compared to other misconceptions, this one may not be able to be completely discarded. However, foldable bikes are not as expensive as many luxury vehicles. When buying a folding bike, there is no need to panic, be sure to compare the existing market prices, and you can still choose an electric bike that meets your needs.

On the other hand, brands with mature technology like HiPeak, their products can also have the ultimate cost performance. Most of the time, you can buy a HiPeak BONA Folding Electric Bike for the same price as a regular bike!

Folding electric bikes are illegal

This is a misconception about electric bikes. As we all know, environmental protection is now a worldwide theme. Many countries, including the United States, are promoting the use of electric vehicles among their residents. In the United States, both federal and local governments have introduced incentive bills to subsidize people who buy electric bicycles and plan to build a large number of charging centers. This allows users to recharge at any time without waiting in long lines.

Of course, to minimize the accident rate and improve safety. Even if you ride in a country where electric bicycles are legalized like the United States, you must abide by the specific local regulations on electric bicycles. But regardless of anything, folding e-bikes are legal in the US.


For newbies in any field, some misunderstanding of things is inevitable. In this article, we restore the truth about folding electric bikes. Knowing these truths will help people make the best purchasing decisions. If someone is looking for an easy way to commute and travel without breaking the bank - an electric folding bike might be just the thing for them!

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